About Us


Hello, my name is Pam Ernst and this is the story of why I started Pure Essentials.

For years I had problems with dry skin and small bumps on the back of my arms.  Then, while vacationing in the Virgin Islands, I discovered an alternative to commercial store bought soap . Hand-made natural olive oil soaps.  I enjoyed the fragrance, texture and the lather, but most of all my skin improved and the bumps went away.  Wanting to know more about this unique craft, I studied and researched to find the best ingredients and recipes.  After much trial and error I mastered the process of making soap using quality ingredients and developing my own recipes.  Since it worked so well and I no longer had dry, itchy and flaky skin, I wanted to share the wealth of my natural products with friends and family. The soaps I crafted actually made my skin feel softer, smoother and healthier. I know now, that the products I once used were full of unnecessary harmful ingredients. And wanting others to know, I continued in this journey to share the wonderful things I have learned about using natural products.

So in 2006, Pure Essentials was established in the hope that I could get the message out about using pure bath soaps and the benefits to the largest organ in our bodies, our skin.  Since then I have expanded into lotions and body scrubs with the same objective as the hand crafted soaps.  Good natural ingredients that will give necessary nutrients back to your skin and a passion to create a pleasingly fragrant product.  Please allow me to share with you and your family the benefits of soaps without harsh and unnecessary chemicals and the feeling of soft, clean skin.

Welcome to Pure Essentials. Your skin will love you for using my soaps and bath products.

If you live in the area visit our store at 2734 E. Main St., ST Charles, Ill

All my best,

Pam Ernst


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